Vycro MX is a software application for Windows and Mac computers that provides editing of every single parameter of the performance currently loaded on your MX49/61.

When you are satisfied with your changes, you can store the edited performance to the MX49/61’s performance user bank location from the MX49/61 front panel STORE button.

Saving and loading performances to disk is also possible, either as individual performance files or as part of the integrated Collection view.

The Performance Knobs are for high-level ‘tweaking’: They are all about dialing in a parameter and hearing the difference while you play the keyboard.

While the performance knobs in the Vycro MX editor follow the layout of the MX49/61 front panel, all 16 of them are always available.

Vycro MX also has an additional AEG (Amplifier Envelope Generator) row of performance knobs to give you even more tweaking power!

The Main LCD is the command center: This is where all the deep performance editing takes place.

The four buttons labeled GET, OPEN, SAVE and COLLECT command the editor to transfer data between your MX49/61, the software and your computer’s hard disk.

The 16 individual parts that make up the current performance are organized into a matrix, with 10 switchable detail views that get you right inside the performance!

The Quick Select Panel bypasses all of the detail of the editor's Main LCD to provide direct control over Parts 1 & 2, plus the Rhythm Part.

The PART 1 block is always visible, while the Part 2 block is shown in LAYER and SPLIT modes.

The Quick Select Rhythm block is always visible. It’s where you can change the current rhythm pattern that applies to Part 10 of the performance.

The Category Selector buttons work the same as those in the PART 1 and PART 2 Quick Select Blocks (including stepping through rhythms when you continue to click on a selected category button).

The Auditioning Keyboard’s main control is a MIDI Keyboard that generates and reacts to MIDI note events.

This virtual keyboard provides a quick onscreen controller to generate test notes for voices as you edit them. It also visualizes the Arpeggios and Rhythms that are playing in real-time when you edit their parts!

When SPLIT mode is enabled, a drag keyboard control will appear above the MIDI keyboard – This allows you to drag left or right to set the actual split point note. When SINGLE or LAYER modes are active, this control becomes display only.

The collection view is a very useful feature of Vycro MX: The collection acts as a global listing of your favorite Performances that remains available no matter which set file you have currently opened. This property makes the Collection View as equally useful as both a transfer clipboard and a master library of individual Performances. To collect any loaded performance, click on the COLLECT button in the Main LCD area. To load any collected performance, click on the desired performance and it will load automatically.


Welcome to the official site for the Vycro MX Performance Editor for Yamaha MX49 and MX61. The Download pages and Support forums are now online, so please have a look.

We've got information, media and downloads on the way for everyone with a new MX49 or MX61 synthesizer by Yamaha. If you want to go beyond that front panel, check out Vycro MX!