A simple idea of roof terrace garden for modern home

Do you have a free space in your roof? Well, as the solution of difficulties having a large space to build garden of home décor, roof terrace could be the solution. I am sure that it will be a special idea to consider because roof terrace is one of an anti-mainstream idea for home décor. Here, we have a simple idea of the roof garden terrace, which is appropriate to be applied in your modern home style. How to apply it?

Project to do in making roof terrace garden

Placing some green plants
People need to know that roof terrace will have hotter atmosphere because it is located in high position. Well, to reduce the hot temperature and provide a cool air in the roof terrace, placing some green plants is the best solution. The green plants will produce more oxygen for you. In other hand, the appearance of the green plants also will be useful to beautify the whole look of roof terrace. See the picture for the good example.

Making a small fountain
A small pool with a fountain could be added to increase the beautiful look of roof terrace idea. The small pool with a fountain is nice by its fresh water. I am sure that the amount of fresh water in roof terrace will give a cool temperature in your terrace garden. Remember, roof terrace garden is hotter, so that is why the water is needed here.

Adding coffee table
It is not complete when you decorate the roof terrace garden without the coffee table. Yes, adding coffee table is nice to create a special staying place in your roof terrace. A small table with some chairs will be useful to enjoy a spare time. Imagine that you are sitting in the coffee table, enjoying the cool of fountain and drinking a cup of coffee. How beautiful your day is!

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