Applying rustic country bathroom for traditional décor concept

The rustic country idea of the bathroom décor is one of the special idea, which will bring you back testing the traditional bathroom idea. Rustic is near with the use of wood and the wooden bathroom features remind you with nature. We will deliver simple ways to renew your bathroom concept using the rustic country idea. See some simple steps of it below and get a new better look of bathroom redecoration!

Steps to do in rustic country bathroom project

Accepting wooden wall
Wall décor has an important role in remodeling bathroom. Here, to apply the rustic country idea, you need to accept the wooden wall. The wooden wall is nice to change the whole sense inside your bathroom. I am sure that by the wooden wall, your bathroom will look so traditional. Of course, you need to keep the wood of the wall in its original color. When you want to color it, please use the varnish idea.

Adding wooden dressing table
The dressing table is one of the most important feature inside the bathroom. It will help you to place some bathroom stuff. In line with the rustic idea, wooden dressing dress is the best choice to apply. Inside the picture, we could see a good DIY wooden dressing table. The table looks old but it is nice to bring you back tasting the traditional touches. Complete the dressing table with mirror and lamp to make it more useful.

Making big window
Keeping the brightness of the bathroom is important to do in order to make the bathroom looks clean. In other hand, the bright bathroom also will strengthen the rustic effect in decoration. It is good when you make a big window there. For the best result, make a big window with wooden frame near the bath. By this idea, you will be able to enjoy your bathing while enjoying fresh air!

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