Quick Select 1 & 2

The Vycro MX Quick Select Panel bypasses all of the complexity of the Main LCD to provide a simple view of the main attractions of the MX49/61, namely the LAYER and SPLIT Parts 1 & 2 and the Rhythm Part. The PART 1 block is always visible in the Quick Select panel since it applies to the SINGLE, LAYER and SPLIT modes alike, while the Part 2 block is only shown in LAYER and SPLIT modes.

The Category Selector buttons work the same as those located on the MX49/61 front panel (including stepping through voices when you continue to click on a selected category button), but each block's buttons always apply to that part’s voice selection. Once you’ve selected a category, the voice selector in the virtual LCD can be edited to select an individual voice within the category.

Along the bottom of the Part Quick Select blocks is a row of Arpeggio controls: These include ARP enable, Arp category and arpeggio select, and a toggle that flips the part’s Arp Hold off and on.