What is Vycro MX?

Vycro MX is a software application for Windows and Mac computers that provides editing of every single parameter of the performance currently loaded on your MX49/61. When you are satisfied with your changes, you can store the edited performance to the MX49/61’s performance user bank location from the MX49/61 front panel STORE button.

Saving and loading performances to disk is also possible, either as individual performance files or as part of the integrated Collection view. If you have used any of Psicraft Designs’ Vyzex or Vyzor brand editors the operation of the onscreen control types will be very familiar. The important difference is that Vycro MX edits only the current performance, unlike Vyzex and Vyzor editors which also manage user banks and other programmable elements such as presets, voices, globals etc.

When you are working with Vycro MX you are operating on copies of Performance data from your MX49/61, and not on the original data itself. This means you are free to change the currently loaded performance in the editor window and unless you execute a STORE operation from the MX49/61 front panel at the end of your session your original user bank of 128 performances aboard the synthesizer will remain safely untouched.