Getting wooden ceiling designs for bedroom DIY

To have a good look of bedroom decoration, ceiling is one of an important matter to be considered. The beautiful ceiling concept will pleasant you when you are staying in your private room. Here, to show your creativity in decorating the bedroom, you could apply the DIY project of ceiling decoration. Just like the picture, you could apply the wooden ceiling design in renewing bedroom decoration. Here we will talk about some details of this project idea.

How to apply the wooden ceiling for DIY bedroom

Choose right material
It is important for you to choose the right material to have a best result in redecorating the ceiling of your bedroom. There are some woods, which you may compare for the best material, such as mahogany, rose, hardwood, and plywood. However, for the right choice in choosing the material of ceiling, I suggest you to choose mahogany. Mahogany is a nice wood, which is light in weight. You will be easy to install it in making a new ceiling.

Color the ceiling
After the installing project, it is good when you also think about how to beautify the ceiling of your bedroom. The simplest way to do is by coloring the wood of ceiling. In this project, you are free to color your ceiling with your favorite color. However, when you want to have a natural look of ceiling design, keeping the original color of mahogany – or varnish it to increase the color, could be a good idea. Just see the picture and value how beautiful it is!

Add ceiling features
Adding the ceiling features could be a good idea to increase the beautiful look of the ceiling décor. In the picture, we could see that there is a mounted fan and light in the ceiling. By those features, the ceiling looks more elegant than before!

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