Good ideas of white small apartment bedroom decoration

Having a small apartment bedroom sometime will challenge your decoration ideas. Yes, by the limited space inside the bedroom, you need to be creative in order to have a sleek bedroom view. A good idea of the small apartment bedroom decoration is the white walls. White is a good color, which will increase the elegant look of the bedroom décor. Here, we will deliver some good ideas of bedroom decoration with white walls to make your bedroom becoming comfortable place to stay.

White small apartment bedroom project to do

White for major color
As the name of this idea, white should be the major color in painting the bedroom. Here, you need to apply the white in coloring the wall and ceiling. By the white ceiling and wall, I am sure that you will have a neutral and elegant bedroom detail just like the picture. In painting the wall, you don’t need to add any motif there. Let the wall color plain. When you want to make a contrast, you could explore the flooring project by applying the different décor color.

Simple white floating shelf
I am sure that you want to place some accessories inside your bedroom to increase the beauty of bedroom look. Of course, when you have a small space inside the bedroom, you need to be selective in placing the accessories. Here, you could apply the simple white floating shelf. This furniture is good to explore the vertical zone of your wall. As an example, you could mount a white floating shelf over the bed and place some pictures there.

Taking off the curtain
Brightness is one of the good thing to be considered in small bedroom décor. The bright bedroom will manipulate the exact size of your room. You could take your curtain off in order to allow the light of sun comes inside your room. Then, you also could see the beautiful stars freely in the night. However, I think this idea will less the privacy of your bedroom.

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