How to shape new bedroom with modern grey and blue bedroom

The modern grey and blue idea for bedroom concept could be one of the great choice, especially when you want to have a charming and sleek bedroom look. Combination of blue and grey will deliver a soft look, which will make you have comfortable sleeping place. However, applying this decoration idea is not simple. Here, you need to do some jobs in shaping your new bedroom using this idea.

Decoration projects to do

Coloring project
The first thing to do in shaping a new bedroom with the grey and blue idea is the coloring project. Look at the picture. In applying this idea of bedroom decoration, you need to color the wall with the grey color. Then, in choosing the accessories and features inside the bedroom, grey and blue should become its basic color. Just see the color of the curtain and sofa inside the picture. That is grey and blue color, isn’t?

Making contrast
I am sure that when you only apply grey and blue as the color of whole bedroom decoration, your bedroom décor will look so monotonous. Here, to beautify the bedroom concept, you need to make a contrast in choosing the color. Just like the picture, here you could choose the white as another color. Combination of white-grey-blue color will make an elegant bedroom look. Just see a white bed in the middle of grey carpet in the picture. It looks so great!

Beautifying with accessories
Adding accessories could be another way to shape new bedroom using the grey and blue modern concept. In that picture, big art is accepted behind the bed. The abstract art as the picture will strengthen the artistic touch inside your bedroom décor. Then, just see the wall of the picture. Yes, there is a unique wall watch! It is kind of a great accessory, which you could add there.

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