Ideas of vintage bathroom shower remodels

Vintage bathroom is another good decoration idea to be applied when you want to have beautiful and comfortable bathroom inside your home. The vintage style is nice with the natural touch in modern bathroom ideas. Here, we will reveal some ideas of the vintage bathroom remodels. Maybe, some ideas of the bathroom remodels here could inspire you in renewing you bathroom concept.

Good inspiration for renewing vintage bathroom

Old accent bathroom feature
Renew your bathroom look with some old accent features. Here, the wooden cabinet and bath will be nice to give a different look in your bathroom decoration. The use of the wood in the material of those features will increase the traditional touch in your decoration concept. See the example inside the picture. A simple wooden material makes the bathroom décor more elegant and nice.

Beautiful in white
Color has an important role in every bathroom decoration. A nice inspiration when you want to remodel your vintage bathroom is changing the major color of it. Talking about the color for the vintage bathroom, white is one of the good choice. The white is an elegant color, which will bring your bathroom in a good view. See the example of the picture. White color delivers a beautiful look of whole bathroom decoration concept!

Nature touch by plants
Do you ever think adding a plant inside your bathroom? Well, another idea in renewing the look of vintage bathroom is applying the nature touch concept by adding some plants. Here, you could add beautiful flowers inside your bathroom. Place the plants in the dressing table just like the picture or some free spaces inside your bathroom, as you want. The plants inside the bathroom will beautify the result of your remodeling project. In other hand, the plant is also good to keep the fresh condition inside bathroom.

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