Modern vintage bathroom for simple decoration project

Renewing bathroom décor is important in order to get new bathroom concept with better look. When you want to do a simple bathroom decoration concept, here you could apply the vintage bathroom idea. Vintage idea of the bathroom concept becomes the good choice for those who love simple home décor with a calm sense. This idea of bathroom decoration is appropriate to be applied in modern bathroom décor idea. Let us see some details of this nice idea of bathroom decoration.

Beautiful things of vintage idea

Neutral concept with bright look
A good thing, which could be the reason why vintage idea is nice to apply, is its neutral concept. Vintage is near with the neutral and bright look in home décor. Inside the picture, we could see how natural and neutral the bathroom décor is. There is no motif in wall coloring and the accessories are so simple. I am sure that this idea of bathroom décor will provide larger space to get fresh air.

Simple features to save space
The modern vintage only need few features inside the bathroom décor. The picture displays that there are only three major features inside the bathroom, as the bath, closet and dressing table. There are no accessories to beautify the concept of decoration. The power of this decoration idea is the arrangement of the features and the color aspect, which beautify the whole look. Place the features in different seat neatly, so you will have some free spaces inside your bathroom.

Big window for higher brightness
It is good for you to apply a big window in this vintage idea. The big window has an important role to increase the brightness in this decoration concept. The light of the sun will make the vintage bathroom looks clearer and more elegant. It also will help you to make an illusion of larger bathroom when you have a small one.

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