Steps to arrange modern small bathroom designs shower

Having a small bathroom sometime becomes problem when we want to redecorate it. Yes, the small bathroom only gives limited space, so we will be difficult to arrange some bathroom features. However, now you don’t need to worry to have a comfort small bathroom because the modern décor concept gives you many ideas of it. In this occasion, we will talk about some ways to apply the modern small bathroom décor with a shower. See complete steps of it below.

Things to do in bathroom designing project

Making separation
Separating the area inside the small bathroom is the first thing you need to do. This separation is good in order to make the bathroom arrangement neat and well regulated. Using glass as the material of separation is nice to keep the bathroom bright, so your bathroom will seem larger that its origin. In other hand, separation is also good to give you a private space in your showering.

Playing bright colors
For the bathroom decoration, coloring is one of the most important thing. Here, in decorating a small bathroom using modern concept, bright color is the best choice to apply. The bright color will give illusion, which will make your bathroom looks larger. In the picture, the caramel becomes the basic color of bathroom décor. It is applied in wall ad some features. Besides making the bathroom clear, the bright color also will increase the calmness inside the bathroom.

Adding limited accessories
Please remember that small bathroom only offer a limited space for you. Here, you need to be selective in adding some bathroom accessories. It is better when you add multifunction accessory inside your small bathroom, such as a nice dressing table, which is completed with some cabinets and elegant mirror. Put a plant in a small vase to beautify the appearance of your dressing table.

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