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General Questions

Can't seem to install to a disk other than "Macintosh HD"

General topics of discussion concerning MX49/61 and the Vycro MX Performance Editor.

Can't seem to install to a disk other than "Macintosh HD"

Postby toriwil » Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:05 pm

After I installed Vycro MX to "Macintosh HD" on my Mac, I changed the disk name to something else. After the rename I could not launch Vycro MX because it was still looking in "Macintosh HD" for ...editor.sq.

I tried removing all pieces of of the Vycro MX installation from my hard drive and reinstalled it. But it's still trying to find ....editor.sq in "Macintosh HD."

How do I remove all remnants of the earlier installation so that I can install it on my system disk, which is NOT NAMED "Macintosh HD"?

Is that even possible?

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Re: Can't seem to install to a disk other than "Macintosh HD

Postby Psicraft Don » Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:25 am

Because this support board is separate from our main board, you wouldn't have found our FAQ post on how to uninstall the software very easily. Sorry about that.

The post link will be given below, but here is how you can revise the program configuration to update the referenced drive name:

1. Hold down the OPTION button while hovering over the Finder's Go menu. You'll see an icon for your Library will appear.

2. Select the Library icon and navigate through the finder window that opens to this location:

User Library : Preferences : Sound Quest Preferences.ini

Otherwise open this file with textedit, revising the Path entries so that your root drive name is updated to the current value.

3. Save the file and try launching Vycro MX.

These steps should restore full operation. If not, here's the uninstall link so you can re-install the program from scratch:


Good luck,

Psicraft Don
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