The modern rustic bathroom that show beautiful detail

Rustic bathroom is one of the good idea, especially when you want to renew the detail look of your bathroom concept. This idea of bathroom decoration becomes a good choice for those who want to have sleek and sleek bathroom. Today, a combination of rustic and modern concept of bathroom decoration becomes the favorite concept. Here, we will talk about some details of the rustic modern concept of bathroom to inspire you.

Getting sleek bathroom with rustic concept

Power of white wall
When we are talking about the rustic idea of home decoration, we cannot forget the role of white in wall color. Yes, rustic is identic with the white color to increase the elegance of bathroom’s look. Look at the picture, the white wall with the line motif is very nice. The use of white color there is able to make the bathroom looks modern and elegant. The motif is optional. You could apply the plain white wall when you dislike the line motif.

Use of big window
The white color, which is added inside the rustic bathroom décor, is also used to increase the brightness inside the bathroom. You need to know that rustic is also close with the bright detail in home decoration. To get the sleek look of bathroom décor using the rustic idea, it is good for you to add a big window there. The big window is nice to allow the light of sun coming inside your bathroom. Besides increasing the brightness of the bathroom, natural light of sun is also good to control the air circulation inside the bathroom.

Adding wooden furniture
Another thing to be mentioned in getting a sleek look of bathroom with rustic idea is adding the wooden furniture. You could see that there are some nice wooden tables inside the picture, which make the combination of bathroom decoration aspect greater. To increase the aesthetic sense inside the bathroom décor, choose the wooden furniture with unique ornament in its surface.

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