Tips to choose best curtains for apartment living room

Decorating living room with thinking about the window treatment will be new challenge for you. The beautiful detail of the window treatment will renew the whole look of your apartment living room. Simplest way to redecorate the window is by applying the window curtain. However, some people still don’t know the way to get the best curtain. Here, we will give you some tips in choosing the curtain for your apartment living room.

Important consideration in choosing curtain

Privacy and lighting
Depending on the space of your apartment living room, please consider how much you want to cover or to filter the light from the sun. Here, when you want to have a common curtain, the sheer idea could be best option. This curtain will give transparent effect of the sunlight. However, when you want to have higher privacy, please choose the heavier fabric as the material of your curtain. Small living room of apartment is better to apply the sheer one.

Material of curtain
When you want to buy a new curtain for your apartment living room, please consider the material of it. Material of curtain will influence the lifespan of it. For those who want to have a sunnier vibe, the kind of lightweight fabric, such as the linen and cotton could be the choice. However, the heavier fabric like suede and velvet is good, especially when you want to redecorate the living room with more formal sense.

Appearance of curtain
It is true when the curtain is also useful to beautify the look of living room décor. That is why we need to consider the appearance of it. In choosing the best curtain for apartment living room, compare some colors of it. Make a good scheme between the color of curtain and your living room wall. In other hand, see the motif of the curtain. You could choose the plain or the curtain with some unique motifs.

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