Top 3 modern terrace garden ideas for home decor

It is nice to have a good modern terrace garden concept for the home décor. The modern garden will be a special outdoor place to stay with family member. Having a family time in the garden will be a sweet agenda to do. In other hand, the good terrace garden idea also could be alternative playroom for children. In several points below, at least there are three ideas of modern terrace garden ideas to be considered.

Good ideas of modern terrace garden to choose

Romantic outdoor dining room
Making a terrace garden as the outdoor dining room is one of the best idea to do. I am sure that having dinner with family in your garden will be a special moment. To apply this concept, you just need to put table with some chairs there. See the picture. It is an example of the simple and romantic dining room concept in terrace garden. Add a vase in the middle of table to beautify the look of it.

Private residence
When you have a large terrace garden in your home, here you could apply the private residence as the idea of decorating the terrace garden with modern touch. The private residence could make the terrace garden becomes a special place to gather with families and friends. Add some residence furniture in your terrace garden and make a warmth moment together.

Bay shores drive
The last top modern terrace garden idea to be applied is the bay shores drive. It is a good idea for those who want to enjoy their spare time in their spare garden. It is also a simple concept to do. People only need to add some sofas there. Be creative in arranging the sofa, such as applying the L idea. Then, beautify the look of it using the fireplace.

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