Unique ideas of modern garden lighting for best décor

Having a modern garden outside the home will be a nice concept in home decoration. The modern garden will be useful to beautify the whole look of the home décor. One of the important thing in talking about the modern garden décor is garden lighting. The lighting of garden will give a nice effect, which make the garden features looks more beautiful. We have several unique ideas of the modern garden lighting below.

Kinds of modern garden lighting to choose

Felix cylinder garden wall light
The first idea of the modern garden lighting, which you may choose, is the Felix cylinder garden wall light. This idea of the modern garden lighting is nice with the cylinder shape. The cylinder shape will give up and down lighting just like the picture. Place three or five lighting in the garden’s wall and make an outdoor living room near it. I am sure that your garden will be comfortable place to stay.

Edison string light
The Edison string light is a good classical lighting for the modern garden. The clear bulbs of this lighting idea will be nice to deliver higher aesthetic sense in your garden decoration. In applying this garden lighting, of course you will need wire to install. For those who want to make a unique creature using a lighting, then the Edison string light is the best priority.

Solar light
The latest technology offers the solar light as the next choice of the best modern garden lighting. This kind of the lighting is good because it will save your electricity well, so it is good for the future environment. Then, how about its shape? Most solar light has a thin shape like a pole. You could put the solar place in every corner of your garden. It will make your garden glow in the darkness!

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